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Colleen Mortonson-Delafield,WI

Luxury Europe, Asia and Australia

I was born with wanderlust and have been fortunate to travel all my life.  As a child, my family visited all 50 states, vacationed in Colorado and Canada, and took several trips to Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. With each trip we became closer as a family, more tolerant of each other and 'foreigners', and more appreciative of diverse cultures.  

Later, as an admiral's aide / Navy pilot's wife, I had the opportunity to live in Japan and travel Asia. We were able to become entrenched in eastern culture and made many lifelong friends. I honed my Japanese while teaching at various schools and grew to love the food! We climbed Fujiyama, skied in Nagoya, visited Hiroshima, adored our trips to Kyoto, and grew to love Tokyo. We especially loved Roppongi and the consulate area, Odawara Castle and Nikko. A return home to the U.S. always included a trip to Hawaii, another love. We've revisited Japan with our younger kids and were thrilled that they fell in love with the far east as well.  

We often shopped, toured and enjoyed playing in Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, China, Singapore and some islands of Indonesia and the South Pacific.

While in Asia, I learned how very blessed we are to be Americans. I am sure that visiting new cultures and foreign lands has the same affect on most, thus the reason I am a huge proponent of travel! Take your children! Gustav Flaubert said, "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” All of us can use a dose of that humility!

I have a sister in Oxford, England and a foreign exchange son in Dortmund, Germany. I am Austrian, Bavarian and Irish, and have made many trips to Europe for a rendezvous, a holiday or a history lesson. I am the mother of five, and we have gone 'ensemble' to Europe and enjoyed some hilarious, exhilarating and unforgettable times together.

We are sailors, and so have also taken some joyful trips chartering boats and getting to know the Caribbean. I speak French, so have enjoyed some of the French West Indies.  My son was married on St. Johns, USVI, and another son was married on Kauai.

I have also learned what I DON'T like about traveling. I don't mind surprises, but I neither want to be afraid nor worried. I like to know what options I have in case of bad weather, air delays, sickness, etc. I want to know that my family or friends are safe, connected and happy. If my trip is meant to relax, I don't want to have to think. If luxurious, I want to be directed to the best of all that is available. Most of all, I want to have FUN!

This is how I can help you to travel better.  

I am an experienced traveler who is not afraid to think out of the box. Let me help you find the perfect spot without worry. Our suppliers are vetted and so our travel plans are qualified and trustworthy. Incidentals are no problem. Need another copy of your passport while away? I'm here to help! I want you to have the very best trip and I'll work hard to make it happen!

Most of all, I want you to make great memories and HAVE FUN!

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