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"Jeannie Dziewa's service is always exemplary.

Whether it is a destination in the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, a cruise, tour or resort, she has a wealth of knowledge.  Her advice, excellent recommendations and efforts are always appreciated.  She is always patient and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Her attention to detail and follow-up are outstanding.  It is a pleasure to work with Jeannie.  We have been doing so for many years."

Joe & Nancy, Waukesha

"Thank you very much for your efforts.  I should have had a handful of your business cards because I told everyone I came in contact with how wonderful it was to have you and Travel Leaders-Journeys  as our travel agent."

Sincerely ~ The Johnsons
Worked with Stacy Wangelin

"Wendy Radmer was prepared and had answers to all my questions!!! She seemed interested in me and not just "making a sale".  THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Muskego , WI


"A big thank you to Hanna Elmore from Travel Leaders (Sun Prairie) for helping set up our family cruise vacation, she is a great travel consultant." 

Jeff Christy

"My husband and I finally decided that we needed to go on our belated honeymoon a year and a half after we got married. To give myself piece of mind I decided to stop in at Travel Leaders to run my ideas past some experts. This was the first time we would be traveling out of the country so I wanted to make sure we did it right. When I got to Travel Leaders Brian welcomed me and inquired about what kind of vacation I was looking for. Brian listened to my ideas and gave me feedback but also asked what we were looking to get out of our honeymoon. I told him we were looking to have fun, dance, drink; we’re a young married couple in our twenties, but also be able to get away if we wanted to. With this information he informed me that he had a better option and described a completely different resort to me that I had not even considered. This threw me off and I asked him what felt like one hundred follow up questions because I thought that I knew what I wanted. After a lot of back and forth on my end I decided to trust Brian and booked the resort he suggested and I could not have been happier. We had the most amazing experience and the resort was perfect for usBrian also informed them that it was our belated honeymoon and much to my surprise they treated us like it as well! Brian was also accessible throughout our vacation in case we ran into any difficulties while at the resort, which we did not, but I felt at ease knowing that he was there in case we needed anything.  I’m so thankful that Brian worked with me and was able to convince me, much to my surprise, to book the vacation that we went on. I cannot wait to go back to this resort again because we could not have asked for a better belated honeymoon. But next time we go in to speak with Brian maybe he’ll convince us to try a new resort and I know that I can, and will, trust his recommendation 100%."

Michelle C.
Menomonee Falls, WI

"Best trip ever! We went on an Africa Safari to Tanzania with Annette from Travel Leaders - Journeys Travel Group and everything from the flights, the hotels,the guides and all the excursions were set up for us. We saw so many animals, learned so much about the country and their people. Annette put so much time organizing the trip and worked out all the we got the most out of the trip. Thank you for giving us a trip we'll never forget."

Kim & Vickie L.

"Thanks for a very well organized safari trip.  Your selection of African service providers was top-notch. I could have never put together such a trip on my own.  You, and your providers are true professionals, and very easy to work with.  Thanks so much for this memorable trip." 

Jan M.


"I wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip that Travel Leaders put together. All of the airline reservations were so well prepared that we spent very little time in the different airports. 

Of course the package you put together for the safaris and the many different parks was beyond anything I could imagine. The camps we stayed in were all first class and two of them were even one grade above first class. I thought the first two nights at the Golf Villas was a great idea. It gave us a chance to unwind after  all of the hours in the air. The last three nights in Zanzibar were just over the top. Not only was the hotel ideal but the food, the friendly people and the beautiful beaches were just a perfect way to end a fabulous trip.

Thank you again and we look forward to many more trips with Travel Leaders."

Jerry and Conni F.
Colorado Springs Co

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking care of all of our family’s travel arrangements to Las Vegas last weekend.  Everything went very smoothly, which is something we haven’t experienced in quite some time.  After working with our previous agent, we always prepared for something to have been missed or go wrong, but that didn’t happen at all because of you.  It was as if Las Vegas was waiting for us to arrive and take care of us!

THANKS Again & we look forward to working with you in the future!"

Paul from Fond du Lac WI
Worked with Bekka

"What a fantastic experience it was….not only with Celebrity Cruise but also working with Jennifer from your company. What a great job she did for us! Everything was absolutely smooth from the moment we stepped onto the plane to the moment we stepped off the ship.  This was flawless, well done and
welled planned trip by Jennifer.  Thank you so much." -

Bob F.

"I used to book vacations online without the aid of a travel agent, never again.  It works fine until something goes wrong, when that happens and you are alone in a foreign country you are in big trouble without help."

Mark Sheskey

"Once again, you exceeded our expectations on our trip!  Every detail of the trip was picture perfect.  You described each stop/experience with complete accuracy and we were not disappointed.  You know how I don't like to travel much and I tend to be somewhat of a "princess";  therefore, I wasn't as excited about the trip as Tim was.  Once we got there, my fears and anxieties were over.  It was the most memorable trip we ever could have imagined, (and more).  Thank you so much for the quality service you continue to provide to us.  Next trip is Maui, start planning for us-  :)

We did sell our house in Florida, which means more traveling.  Thank you so much again Mary, we would never recommend doing a trip without the professional and personal service you provide!!"

Tim and Tammy Becker - Upon returning from a recent trip to Tahiti
Worked with Delafield agency

"The rooms were excellent.  The service was excellent.  Almost all items were included which made the trip affordable after the initial cost.  We very much enjoyed some evening trips to Playa Del Carmen.  There are some resorts in down-town Playa Del Carmen that are very nice and located on the beach.  one is  Your service was excellent and we will use your services from here on out.  Thank you very much."

Kevin W. Bruning - Upon returning from a recent trip to Mexico
Worked with Penny Seaver - Sun Prairie agency

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