Top 10 List - Reasons to Use Travel Leaders/Journeys Travel Group for Your Vacation

We are frequently asked, “do people use travel agents?” The answer is unequivocally, “yes.” Each year thousands of clients choose us to plan and book their vacations. Below are the top 10 reasons why.

10. We have been there 
Our team of 22 travel advisors are constantly visiting the destinations that they recommend to you. They experience the best resorts, rooms, restaurants, excursions and more. Check them out. 

9. We provide solutions 
Our process is all about asking you questions and listening. Based on your desires we provide the best vacation solutions.

8. We have connections 
We regularly meet with travel suppliers (i.e. cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, airlines). We know their executives, general managers and more which translates to favors for you.

7. We offer exclusive products and rates 
We are part of the largest network of travel advisors in North America. Our size provides you with access to exclusive products and rates.

6. Our prices are the same as buying from suppliers directly 
It’s a fact that the prices are the same regardless of who you buy it from. However, if you buy directly from suppliers they don’t provide the other nine items on this list.

5. We collaborate with you 
You’ve likely done some research and we’ll work with you to validate it. Plus, we can do the detailed work on things like required documentation, transportation and more. You have the fun and we will assist you in tying it all together.

4. We know the questions to ask 
We can send you to Bali in January for a ridiculously low rate but, we also know that is the rainy season. Why? Because we know the right questions to ask.

3. We have your back 
Before, during and after your vacation we are watching out for you. Period.

2. We are WI-based, independently women-owned and operated 
Buy Local. Go Glocal. If either of these items resonate with you, we’re your gals. Learn more About Us. 

1. We have done it all 
Ask us about the craziest vacation we’ve ever planned. Your belly will hurt and you’ll be assured we can exceed your expectations.

Travel is our passion and our life. We would love to show you how to #travelbetter and #gettherewithjourneys. Contact us!


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